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Remember being a solo agent? Remember the consistancy and continuity that you were able to provide?

Growth is good ... and obviously you're doing something right, but it can sometimes be difficult to ensure the quailty of communication and process that you once personally provided. With automation, you can once again provide top level service across your team or brokerage!

Further, by automating certain messaging and processes, you can free your agent to list and sell more property. At the same time, you'll be able track pipelines and activities to prevent negative client experience or lost opportunities.

Capture New Leads

Easily create amazing websites, funnels & landing pages on an intuitive platform that will help you turn prospects into long-term raving clients.

Each agent can have his or her own website, etc. (Sites can easily be replicated for quick onboarding.)

Get Feedback

Use our automated surveys to gauge your client's experience throughout the transaction to help ensure a rave review.

Agents often refer attorneys, inspectors, etc., but what if they aren't meeting your client's standards? What if they don't tell you? These loose ends could jeopardize a great client experience and review - we'll help you monitor these concerns before they impact future business.

How about agent retention? Yup, track your agent's happiness too. Every survey can be fully customized to match your unique business activities.

PLUS, we tailor the system to use the "language" of your state!

Nurture Leads Into Customers

Most leads don't simply convert, they require follow-up and nurturing. This requires time ... but with easily customizable campaigns, your clients will feel engaged and more likely to convert.

Two-way communication on any device helps prevent lost opportunities. Communication, and respond, to leads via phone, voice mail drops, SMS, email and Facebook Messenger.

Key Features

  • 10 Users, Additional Users $10/ea.

  • Admin Accounts for Transaction Managers & Team Leads

  • CRM & Pipeline Management

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels

  • Unlimited Website Pages

    (With Website Builder)

  • Easily Link Unlimited Domains (Agents Can Use Real Domains ... Not Just Sub-Domains)

  • Integrated BLOG

  • Integrated AI for Content Creation

  • Surveys & Forms

  • Email Marketing

  • 2-Way SMS Marketing

  • Built-in Power Dialer

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Client Event Invitation, Follow Up & Tracking

  • Buyer Closing Workflow Automations

  • Seller Closing Workflow Automations

  • Two Custom "Done With You" Workflow Automations To Help You Get Started With Immediate Results!

  • Call Tracking with Integrated Phone System (IVR)

  • Live Lead Connect

  • Unlimited, Customizable Text Codes With Lead Capture & Follow Up

  • "Linktree" Client Site

  • Customizable Individual Or Round Robin Calendars (Replace Applications Like Calendly, etc.)

  • Advanced Calendar Features For Conference Room & Equipment Reservations

  • Reputation & Review Management

  • Tracking & Analytics

  • Mobile App

  • Available "Coach Account" - Give Your Coach Restricted Access To Track Calls & Appointments

  • "Gated" Online Training

    Provide Online Training, Etc. Within The System To Reduce The "Got-A-Minute" Interruptions

  • Built in methodologies and systems to support Ninja Selling agents, Mike Ferry agents and more ...

  • Provide Secure Access to Recorded Buyer and Seller Seminars, etc.

  • Live Weekly Training, Q&A

  • Optional Yext Location Listings

ALL for one price!


Save with annual subscription $1,089/yr.

ALL in one app!

Bundle Your Systems AND Add Features ... For Much Less!

How Can This System Save Me Time?

As a broker, team leader or solo agent, your most valuable resource is time. For example, if you only had to manage and service one or two clients per year, you could provide unprecedented service. Unfortunately, you would likely go broke in the process!

The catch ... each client wants to be treated like your only client and they expect the best service possible (even if they know, like and trust you, they don't really care about your business finances). It's just not on their radar.

Most brokers and team leaders are faced with two options: Sell less, but ensure consistent quality, branding, compliance and have super happy clients OR Sell more and risk inconsistent messaging and the occasional "train wreck." Both options result in higher levels of stress!

The answer is leverage ... people and/ or systems leverage. But (good, reliable, consistent) people are expensive and systems are typically difficult to set up and "string together." Real Estate Easier was designed from the ground up to systematize the repeatable tasks and followup of a good, reliable and consistent admin without the high overhead and training. If you can whiteboard a process, it can be automated!

Think about your last five, ten or hundred transactions ... each was unique, but it's likely that 50-80% of the follow-up and "check-ins" was the same for each client. Co-broke check-ins, attorney check-ins, lender check-ins, agent reminders and of course client check-ins. What if you could automate all the repeatable tasks and communication so that you had the time to really focus on the issues specific to each transaction - without accidentally missing a key step?

You can! Real Estate Easier comes preloaded with listing, buyer and seller closing templates that you can use or customize. While you're dealing with the occasional (and inevitable) fire, key follow-up and tasks will be triggered on time. Finally, you can rest assured knowing that even your newest agent is following a proven system - yours! More importantly, the system is very customizable, so you can constantly refine and improve your client's experience. This all leads to less stress, happier clients and more referrals.

Onboarding new agents and recruits can be (partly) automated. Obviously, we can't automate the entire onboarding process, but when agents join your organization or team, you can provide them with customized video training for your unique processes and procedures. (Training status can be monitored to make sure your agents are completing the assigned course.)

Flexible pipeline management empowers you with clear reporting and key conversion tracking. Quickly view buyer and seller pipelines to determine who may need additional help, and where opportunities may be stalling. Compare lead source reporting against pipeline stage to help maximize ROI while eliminating wasteful spending.

The system also streamlines communication channels for you and your agents. A live chatbot on your website, Facebook and Google My Business page "talks" directly to an assigned cell phone via text (in addition to web and mobile app), so prospects and clients can instantly connect to you when it matters most to them (immediately). This level of streamlined communication helps prevent lost opportunities and promotes higher levels of conversion. With all of your communication channels accessible in one place, you can spend more time on meaningful activities and less time trying to figure out whether or not leads are getting cold - or worse ... lost.

Start your free trial today. We'll map out a success plan that works for you ... and if you don't love the system, simply turn it off without obligation.

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