4 Critical Reasons Real Estate Coaches

Need Real Estate Easier

You know what your clients need to do to be successful, but accountability and tracking can sometimes feel impossible.

1. With Real Estate Easier's reporting, you can easily access your client's dashboard to track activies and successes (I.e. calls, appointments and pendings/closings). Stop wasting time with inaccurate metrix, see exactly what's happening.

Systems ... Clients want to implement your systems, but they often struggle using your tools and plan because their CRM (if thye have one) isn't flexible.

2. Create custom workflows and task management processes that align with your unique success formula. We'll work with you to create a "plug and play" experience for your clients to help ensure their success.

Time & Scalability ... A day off can mean lost revenue. Replicate yourself and add value with password protected video courses that work for you 24/7 every day of the year.

3. In addition to email and SMS automations, provide trackable dynamic online video courses and downloadable content with analytics to track your client's success, then automatically provide completion certifiations to boost moral. Course content can be segmented and used as a lead magnet when attracting or courting new clients.

Client Churn & Retention ... Unfortunately, not all clients are long-term. Real Estate Easier helps you keep them on board - or coming back when they are ready for more coaching.

4. With our affiliate program, you will receive 20% recurring income from your referral accounts ... even when your client is not an active coaching member. Bring them back to your coaching by allowing continued access (at your discretion) to your content and new workflows. The platform becomes the glue that makes it easy for your clients to reconnect.

Looking to solve another problem or challenge?

If it can be systemetized and tracked we can help.

How does it work? You Decide ...

  • Sign up and use the platform's features without the coaching modules and tools, simply use the system to grow your business and communicate with propects and clients

  • Provide access to your private membership area with password protected, trackable video training and courses

  • Provide your clients with access to your custom workflows and systems

  • Leverage the password protected "Community Section" for enhanced collaboration, ideas and discussion

  • When your client signs up, they can authorize access to their dashboard for enhanced live accountability tracking

  • Join our affiliate program and receive a monthly recurring 20% referral commission

  • All coaching tools and features are always available and can be leveraged when you're ready

In every case, you'll provide

more value with less time using this

powerful client retention tool!

"The Best CRM"

Every client wants to know which system will work best with your methodology! Real Estate Easier is built to provide your clients with that exact answer.

Capture New Leads

Easily create amazing websites, funnels & landing pages on an intuitive platform that will help you turn prospects into long-term clients.

Get Feedback

Use our automated surveys to gauge your client's experience throughout the transaction to help ensure a rave review and long-term client.

Nurture Leads Into Customers

Most leads don't simply convert, they require follow-up and nurturing. This requires time ... but with easily customizable campaigns, your clients will feel engaged and more likely to convert.

Two-way communication on any device helps prevent lost opportunities. Communication and response to leads via phone, voice mail drops, SMS, email and Facebook Messenger.

Key Features

  • 10 Users, Additional Users $10/ea.

  • Admin Accounts Team Leads

  • CRM & Pipeline Management

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels That Match Your Methodology

  • Unlimited Website Pages

    (With Website Builder)

  • Integrated BLOG

  • Integrated AI for Content Creation

  • Surveys & Forms

  • Email Marketing

  • 2-Way SMS Marketing

  • Built-in Power Dialer with Phone System (IVR)

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Client Event Invitation, Follow Up & Tracking

  • Two Custom "Done With You" Workflow Automations To Help You Get Started With Immediate Results!

  • Call Tracking

  • Unlimited, Customizable Text Codes With Lead Capture & Follow Up

  • "Linktree" Client Site

  • Customizable Individual Or Round Robin Calendars (Replace Applications Like Calendly, etc.)

  • Reputation & Review Management

  • Tracking & Analytics

  • Mobile App

  • "Gated" Online Training

    Provide online training, etc. within the system to reduce the "got-a-minute" interruptions

  • Live Weekly Training, Q&A

  • Optional Yext Location Listings

  • Integrated Payment System

ALL for one price!


Save with annual subscription $1,089/yr.

ALL in one app!

Bundle Your Systems AND Add Features ... For Much Less!

Your Real Estate Tools And Features All One Place.

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